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Emma Curtis Hopkins' Metaphysics

for the 21st century


Emma Curtis Hopkins was the "teacher of teachers," the woman who taught the founders of Unity, Divine Science, Church of Truth, and Religious Science - the woman who invented the term "Science of the Mind" in the 1890s. She healed hundreds and taught thousands, using her own "line of reasoning" and "upward vision" to empower them.


Today's students of metaphysics have received only a small portion of the understanding that Emma offered. This book makes both their principles and their practices accessible to a modern audience. Miller has "translated" Emma's Victorian rhetoric into clear, modern language and detailed Emma's recommendations for daily practice.


“The twelve lessons of the science of metaphysics are all ideas: ideas with living meanings. In this science we don't cling to any ideas, because if we're tied to an idea that we want to see the whole world a certain way, we might as well be tied to a post. Breathe out the old ideas and breathe in descriptions of everything you're excited about.

You will rise above the ideas of your world, free yourself from them. You will rise above even the idea of freedom because it implies bondage and you are neither free nor bound but are above this level. You are neither superior nor inferior to it, but beyond it - for the mind never gets caught on the hook of any idea. In spirit they are all good. Ideas are born from the mind. The Spirit is God.”

Emma Curtis Hopkins

Discover your hidden power (softcover)

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